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30 experts spoke in 2017
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10.30 am 

Commercial urban planning news

> Dominique MORENO, Responsable of the Pole Economy , trade and financing companies, Director of the legal and Economic Policies, DGA/VIE, CCI Paris Ile-de-France

The device of fusion between the building permit ant the commercial licensing have been in place for approximately two years and the experience feed backs reveal various problems : which projects are subjected to licence ? How to attest land control ? But the most important news come from an opinion of the Concil of State of December 23rd 2016 wich covers heavy issues like the moment of delivery of the licence and the jurisdictional methods of recourse. In addition, reforms intervened in particular as regards nullity of these licences to adapt them to the complex projects. It is the whole of these interrogations and lawful and jurisprudential contributions which will be approached in this workshop.

11.15 am 

Interaction with policitial leaders. Giving an impetus to town center retail : new formats, new retailers, new mobility

> Philippe MANDONNET, Associate, ELGAM

Round table animed par Philippe Mandonnet, Associate, ELGAM

Fouziya BOUZERDA, Adjointe au Maire de Lyon

> Jean-Paul BRIN, Adjoint au Maire de la Ville de Pau

> Olivier CARRE, Maire d’Orléans

> Bernard CORNU, Adjoint au Maire de Poitiers

> Adeline OCHS, Professor

> Philippe SCHMIT, Secrétaire général de l’ADCF

The conference will focus on two themes in particular. New urban mobility: the place of the car in the city and parking, new traffic patterns, home deliveries and «click & collect». New urban centres: shopping streets, urban planning, pedestrianisation and development of assets …how to create new, attractive centres and generate footfall.

2.30 pm

Shopping tourism, the outlet way

> Mayte LEGEAY, Business Development Director NEINVER FRANCE
> Mathieu GRAC, Head of Property & Development, GLOBAL BLUE

Shopping tourism is now an increasingly important component of the tourism value chain. At the heart of this tourist consumption, the outlet holds a special place, because of its concept at the confluence of shopping and leisure. This conference provides an overview of outlet tourism. What is the reality of outlet consumption? What is the profile of outlet tourists and what are their expectations? What is the contribution of an outlet for the territories in terms of tourism? We built the community as a real exchange area for the participants: we will ask them to answer to different topics and issues and moreover they could create their own forums to share their experience, exchange on other topics interesting for them, a way to favor the insights creation

3.15 pm

4 Siec’LAB start up’s pitch

> Nicolas GUYOT, CEO, AGENCE187 

AGENCE 187 guides companies into their digital transformation. Our expertise ? Digitalisation of spaces (events, premises, retail parks, etc.) and business applications crafting. Our goal ? Create new experiences, relationships and emotions by upgrading media creatively and relevantly. From advice to production, the 187 Team thinks up for its clients all types of unique and innovative projects.

> Jonathan LEVY, CEO, HUBLEX

HUBLEX is an innovative industrial company specialised in the development of mobility solutions destined to professionals. A complete offre : Innovation – Training – After-sales service – Financing

> Jean-charles YOU, Founder & CEO, OOCANDOO

OOCANDOO Retail Solutions partners retailers in their store development (design to installation). We are launching the STOREeBOX concept which monetizes vacant commercial spaces and shop fronts in malls. It takes the best of e-commerce and bricks & mortar businesses to provide a unique customer experience.

> Christophe CHAZEL, Founderjk 3H PROD

3H PROD is an agency specializing in creation of spectacular digital and interactive experiences. Our range of experiences allows us to propose solutions tailored and pre-packaged to meet your expectations

3.30 pm

Welcome to the retailers to the Bruxelles and Luxembourg projects

> Marion LEMESRE, Deputy MR at Bruxelles, Alderman of Economic subjects for Bruxelles city
> Elise THIBERT, Leasing Director Luxembourg, IMMOCHAN
> Alexis SPAAS, Project Manager Development, AG REAL ESTATE

The 3 speakers will present each a retail development center under construction and where the leasing process is ongoing. They will explain the idea behind the development, the ultimate goals they want to achieve and the actual situation. Important element will be the evolution of the leasing process and the opportunities for the retailers.
Presentation of the Bruxelles « boulevards » by Marion Lemesre, Deputy MR at Bruxelles, Alderman of Economic subjects for Bruxelles city, of The Mint and City 2 refurbished by Alexis Spaas, Project Manager Development of AG Real Estate and of the Cloche d’Or shopping center in Luxembourg by Élise Thibert, Leasing Director Luxembourg at Immochan Luxembourg.

4.30 pm

The shopping centers market’s growth in Africa

> Julien GARCIER, Founder & Managing Director, SAGACI RESEARCH

Sagaci Research will lead a conference at the SIEC on the topic of «the growth of the shopping center industry in Africa». Sagaci Research was the first, as soon as 2013, to publish an in-depth and fact-based report on the evolution of the shopping center industry across the African continent and to rank all shopping centers on the continent. The sector, driven by the economic growth of the various countries, by the desire of retailers to seek growth opportunities on the continent and to secure high-quality retail locations and by the willingness from developers and investors to invest on the continent, has grown strongly in recent years but is still full of opportunities for all types of players. The presentation will cover the industry as a whole and will also provide a clear vision on attractive countries for developers and investors on the one hand and on countries attractive to retailers wishing to expand on the continent on the other hand.


11.00 am – Room 1

Exclusive study : « child-like wonder » : «child-like wonder», a footfall driver to shopping centers

> Alexandre THOMAS, Director Branding & Cultural Insights, KANTAR ADDED VALUE

Retail is constantly changing. As online commerce soars, physical retail needs to re-think itself to maintain its relevance and continue to attract shoppers. Shoppers who in a lot of instances see themselves as grownup children, with a certain set of influences, expectations and choices. This is also reinforced by the arrival of younger generations with distinct values and aspirations that are conducive to the phenomenon. With all of this in mind, we will present you with 6 key themes inspired by childhood that will help in re-enchanting retail and creating points of sale that are always more exciting, inspiring and productive.

11.00 am – Room 2

Round table discussion on the African’s market

> Jean Vespa NJILA, Projects Director, GROUPE SOHAING
> Dan OHNONA, Head of Property and Development, FNAC
> Jacek ROZNOWICZ , Director Africa and Development EMEA, YVES ROCHER
> Xavier DESJOBERT, General Director, CFAO

French and International actors of the African retail market development will share, thanks to their own experience, the condition of success in Africa for new retail developments and their vision of the future growth by country.

12.00 – Room 1

Design to give adults children’s eyes

> François SERENA, Creative Director, LONSDALE AKDV
>Fleur DU PASQUIER, Business Director, LONSDALE AKDV

More than shopping venues, malls are becoming places of entertainement and inspiration for all generations. For Lonsdale AKDV, the key to creating «Retail through the eyes of a child» is the use of design to bring amazement into the customer journey : For families, by developing specific services dedicated to kids, For adult customers, malls can be turned into places of retailtainement and discovery. Beyond the commonplace of the Mall as a place of life, Lonsdale AKDV explores new ways of becomming top-of-mind and generating business through the use of design.

12.00 – Room 2

How can we survive online shopping?


E-commerce continues its conquest of the French market and is now competing with physical trade using offensive and innovative ways of delivery (drones, 1 hour deliveries, etc.). It becomes urgent, for all parties involved in physical trade, to build a strategy against its online competitors who can easily free themselves from all constraints, including fiscal ones. The challenges we are facing are no longer about the historical competition between the city center and periphery, but resides in how we will reinvent ourself facing e-commerce. Overview of different case studies with Philippe Journo, President of Compagnie de Phalsbourg (L’Atoll, Waves, Ma Petite Madelaine) and Raphaël Martin, President of Compañia de Phalsbourg, Spanish subsidiary of the group.

2.30 pm – Room 1

Exclusive study: Is the Millenials generation going to kill the shopping of tomorrow ?

> Emmanuelle BARREYAT-BARON , Directrice d’études au département Retail & Shopper, ENOV RESEARCH
> Lambert LAGREVOL, General Director, ENOV RESEARCH

Enov will intervene to a conference during the SIEC with the following topic: “Is the Millenials generation going to kill the shopping of tomorrow?” To answer to this issue, an exploratory survey has been undertaken among this target (18 to 30 years old) to better know & understand them and so better answer to their expectations. Enov entered into their daily life and so co-created with them their shopping experience for tomorrow. Enov followed a group of 50 people, of all ages, regions and professions, during 6 weeks.

3.15 pm – Room 1

4 Siec’LAB start up’s pitch


In a shopping center, the car park is the first place customers go through as well as the last step of their experience. ParkingMap offers innovative integrated solutions for smart parking. Based on a cost-effective technology with a realtime mapping of available spaces through visual recognition. We offer a global smart parking solution for smoother traffic in your car parks and better customer loyalty.


Focused on creating value for brands, retailers and operators, SLMS connect people with places through innovative led light communications LIFI & VLC. We deliver our services from France through www.slms.fr and www.slms.io


Founded in 2010, Think&Go NFC created a breakthrough technology : the connected screen. This Next Generation of
Digital Signage relies on contactless technology to engage shopper through any usual connected objects (smartphones, payment cards, transport passes…). Drive-to-store, Retailtainment, Pop-Up Store, Click-and-Collect : the connected screen opens a new world of shopper services on the Retail market


Provider in Virtual Reality solutions for non existing buildings : residential, offices, retail

3.30 pm – Room 1

Outlet centres in France : facts, figures, trends and forecasts

> Caroline LAMY, Director, MAGDUS

What is the French outlet landscape ? How has it recently evolved ? Who are the major players ? What are the new trends of the outlet industry ? Which development forecasts ?

3.30 pm – Room 2

How professionals can developping business relations trought code of conduct and new law

> Marc MÉNAGÉ, Country Manager, RICS

The new law Allur and Hoguet and the code of Conduct from the CNTGI give some new rules and opportunities
for all professionals from property management and brokerage.


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