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2019 CMCV Conference programme


The 2019 CMCV Conference will take place on 5 June in conjunction with the SIEC exhibition at Porte de Versailles in Paris. The Conference will begin at 11am and end at 4pm. The topics of our previous conferences will be revisited but, this time, special focus in our discussions will be placed on the consumer, resident, transport user and citizen.


Topic: ‘The consumer at the centre of national innovation’
Organisation: three round-table talks in which various experts, traders and mayors will take part:


  R.T. no. 1:  New consumer practices and the necessary changes to towns

  R.T. no. 2: The innovating traders

  R.T. no. 3: Towns placing the consumer at the heart of their Town Centre Action

Our innovation this year is that each half-day will be presided by a well-known figure acting as the judge.

The aim is to show positive, successful examples in quality or quantity, and demonstrate their efficiency and effectiveness over time.

We are seeking participants with a genuine desire to discuss ideas without waffle or political slants, committed to the evolution of city life and business, and with an eye to the future. Their discourse should incite interest and interaction.



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