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Siec19 is enriching its trade show with a new area that will bring together the main ‘outlet’ players for the first time. This new pavilion is being co-developed with Magdus, the European Factory Outlet Centres Observatory.

Caroline Lamy, Director of Magdus, and Gontran Thüring, CNCC Director-General, explained the reason for this novelty: ‘the inaugural Outlet Pavilion at the upcoming Siec marks the ten-year partnership between the CNCC and Magdus. The pavilion aims to highlight a business property sector that remains under-appreciated but whose proponents are working tirelessly to make it attractive to retailers, investors and consumers.’


> Access to the Siec participant database for scheduling meetings
> Your Exhibitor Space at www.siec-online.com
> Exhibitor Guide to help you stay organised
> A press box for trade show press



List your company (activity and contacts) on:
> The www.siec-online.com website
> The Siec19 mobile app
> The Siec19 Official Guide
> A special page at www.siec-online.com


> 2 badges included
> Special rates for additional exhibitor badges



Free invitations for your contacts*:
> Retailers
> Public Authorities

* Subject to approval by the organiser.



Magdus, the European Factory Outlet Centres Observatory, studies the factory outlet commercial concept, providing independent information and serving as a hub for reflection, discussion and decision-making guidance. The Magdus observatory maintains the only database on this sector in Europe. Its websites are available in English and French. They feature a wide variety of resources, including press reviews, analyses, case studies, and interviews with key players in the sector, as well as a Europe-wide listing of all brand centres (existing and planned), operators, key investors and leading countries.



Two exhibition types
are available with all-inclusive pricing:



These 2 options include: Cleaning/electricity/furniture pack


Get more information about
the Outlet Pavilion

Contact Magdus


Tél: +33 (0)6 11 46 54 06



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