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October, 14th & 15th 2020 / Porte de Versailles, Paris

Pavillon Multiservices

The Multi-Services Pavilion, new for 2020, was created at the request of the Technical Committee members (Working Group composed of Purchasing and Operations Directors of the main land and property owners members of the CNCC). Its objective is to:             

  • propose an offer suited to their specific fields
  • provide answers to technical, economic and CSR issues
  • discuss new ways of economic and ecological optimisation


Our Ambassadeur’s vision :


Media for your sector

There are currently no media specifically focusing on retail real estate technical management. Interesting articles can occasionally be found in Le Moniteur and Bâtiment Entretien.

  • Safety and security: BCS belongs to a European shopping centre safety group
    • Occasionally receives contributions from other shopping centres that are installing works by REVO / British Council of Shopping Centres / Nordic Council of Shopping Centres
    • Analysis of Europol report on terrorist threat.

3 words and one number to define retail real estate:

1/ Concern -> make buildings as welcoming and accessible as possible to clients.

2/ Offer retailers the facilities they need to make them want to set up shop:
Clean/safe/comfortable surroundings.
Reasonable running costs.

3/ With regard to maintenance and safety, welcoming tens of thousands of visitors to a shopping centre every day requires suitable solutions, in both human and technological terms.

How does the sector you represent as an Ambassador meet Siec 2020’s main theme “Working together for the retail sector”?

Promoting customer welcome and sales activities in shopping centres

Safety/ Comfort/Accessibility


In 2 sentences, how do you see your sector in 10 years’ time?

Better trained, more motivated players (technical and safety services).

Increased consideration for environmental issues.

Promoting customer welcome and sales activities in shopping centres

Bertrand COURTOIS-SUFFIT Mall & Partners
Bertrand COURTOIS-SUFFIT Mall & Partners

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