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October, 14th & 15th 2020 / Porte de Versailles, Paris

Pavillon Retailtainment

Organised in partnership with Altiplano, the Retailtainment Pavilion, which will host manufacturers, rental companies and operators of leisure activities, is changing format for its 4th edition to better meet the needs of operators and offering a wider and more attractive leisure offer. 


Our Ambassadeur’s vision


Media for the Retailtainment

There are few media that focus on the leisure sector but these are the main ones:

  • Magazine: INTERFUN – EURO PROFESSIONNAL – FUNWORLD (all in English)
  • Blog: Funfaircity (French)

Websites: infoparks.comiaapa.orgsla-syndicat.orginterpark.co.uk (there isn’t very much)

  • Professional associations: SLA (syndicat des loisirs actifs/Leisure Activities Association) – SNELAC (syndicat national des espaces de loisirs d’attractions et culturels/National Association of Amusement Parks and Cultural Attractions) – IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions)


3 words and one number to define retail real estate:

DESTINATION: a place where something happens – shopping, leisure, food, health, accommodation, etc.

MEETING: a place for dialogue and exchange, sharing, meeting, discovery…

SOCIAL: a modern place, diverse, full of life, etc.

How does the sector you represent as an Ambassador meet Siec 2020’s main theme “Working together for the retail sector”?

Man has always sought to get together with others in districts, villages and towns, and urbanisation has brought places where we get together and meet up to shop, have lunch, have dinner, have fun, or just hang out (e.g. teenagers)

The internet and hyperconnectivity have resulted in the gradual loss of this kind of social life, and shopping centres have become “third places”, bringing districts and even whole towns back to life.

Leisure activities are a key part of life in society and one of man’s primary needs (the leisure civilisation) – already abroad, and here very soon, they play a key role as a “destination” in the heart of the retail/leisure/dining/meeting centres of the future.

Leisure activities take up 40% of our lives and 20% of our budgets, which makes them the driving forces for current and future social meeting places, in an increasingly digital world.


In 2 sentences, how do you see your sector in 10 years’ time?

The leisure sector is undergoing a digital revolution, yet at the same time there is a kind of “back to basics”, with the development of the giant retail and entertainment complexes (American Dream in New York) that are becoming “Leisure Cities” in the heart of our third places.

France is one of the most active countries in terms of outdoor leisure activities (for example, treetop adventure parks were invented here) and animal parks, not forgetting big theme parks (Disneyland Paris – Futuroscope, Astérix Park, etc.), all of which help to make France a very popular destination worldwide.

But France is lagging behind in terms of indoor leisure activities and complexes, which are just beginning to be developed by some leisure groups (Speedpark – 1055 – Let’s jump – Altiplano, etc.), and I am sure that in 10 years’ time all the major shopping centres will be adding “leisure/entertainment” to their Baseline, because leisure activities and eating out are what will make visitors stay longer and return to what will be known in a few years’ time as “Leisure, Food & Shopping Centres”

Leisure activities take up 40% of our lives and 20% of our budgets, which makes them the driving forces for current and future social meeting places, in an increasingly digital world.

Fabrice DEYGAS Groupe Altiplano
Fabrice DEYGAS Groupe Altiplano

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