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October, 14th & 15th 2020 / Porte de Versailles, Paris


An exhibition oriented towards innovation and which decodes market trends: demonstration areas, thematic conferences…

Our program is in progress!

10:00 10:50 Salle 1

Opening plenary session

Brand leaders’ perception of shopping centers with the participation of three brand leaders and three property leaders.

With the interventions of

  • Yves PUGET
    Yves PUGET LSA Editor-in-chief
11h30 12h00 Shaker

The New Concept Pitch

With the interventions of

  • Simon BOUTIGNY
    Simon BOUTIGNY La Correspondance de l'Enseigne Editor-in-chief
9h30 12h30 Salle 1

Three round tables on the topic of investment as development factors

• Profitable financial investment

In partnership with the IEIF (Institut of “Epargne Immobiliere et Fonciere”)

• Socially responsible investment

In partnership with the IBPC (International Biodiversity Property Council)

• Sustainable investment at local level

Example of cooperation that is vital for successful dynamic and attractive

With the interventions of

  • Gaël THOMAS
    Gaël THOMAS Business Immo Editor-in-chief
14h00 15h00 Salle 1

Differing perspectives on the architecture of tomorrow’s retail spaces

Actual Shopping centers today are undergoing a profound transformation.
Exit the model of the 30 glorious days. Ex-nihilo and stricto sensu projects in this area no longer exist.
And vast rehabilitations that are required, are much more like requalification where are invited at the same time: sustainable development, mixed uses, new architectural typologies etc.

But how can you imagine the shopping center of tomorrow?

With the interventions of

  • Anne-Charlotte de Ruidiaz
    Anne-Charlotte de Ruidiaz Archistorm

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