Discover all the sponsoring and communication tools offered by the Siec to boost your exposure and highlight your expertises / solutions / projects during the international retail real estate event.


Sponsor the online catalogue of the show (exhibitor list, brand list, product list).

More ergonomic and more complete, the online alphabetical lists allow the exhibitors, brands & products present at the show to be highlighted.

  • Website - Your banner
  • Driveway letters
  • Registration confirmation emailing
  • Smart Communication Pack  
trade show presentation

Website - Your banner 

€2 500 exc.Tax

  • "Presentation of the show"

€3 900 exc.Tax

  • "Exhibitors list"

€1 500 exc.Tax

  • "Presentation of the show"

Max 3 sponsors 

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logo on aisle lettering

Driveway letters  

€6 000 exc.Tax

  • Your logo* on the 7 aisle letters of the show 

Hanging letters that allow visitors to locate

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Banner on PE confirmation emailing

Registration confirmation e-mailing

€2 500 exc.Tax

  • Spread your brand quickly and massively to a qualified target. Benefit from a customer database adapted to your needs. 


Max 3 sponsors 

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Pack de communication malin

Smart Communication Pack  

€2 000 exc.Tax

  • Your logo* on the interactive map of the exhibition
  • Your advertising banner** on the Siec website
  • Your page of advertising* in the Official Brochure
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Multiply your chances of being seen before the show and boost your visibility! Discover our offers allowing you to put forward your logo on :
  • Visitor E-pass with an advertising logo
  • Official Bag Exclusivity
  • Official Brochure
badge lanyard

Visitors E-pass - your advertising logo – EXCLUSIVE

€8 000 exc.Tax

  • Badge holder

Your logo* on the back of the badge holder

  • Badge

Your visual* on the e-badge sent to registrants before the show

€7 500 exc.Tax

  • Badge lanyard

The badges cords with your colors (logo*)


5 000 copies manufactured and supplied by the sponsor in bulk (without individual packaging) and equipped with a safety break system(model to be submitted to the organizer for approval).


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Official bag

 Official Bag Exclusivity 

€7 000 exc.Tax

  • Customise the official exhibition bag with your company colours. A real mobile advertising showcase inside and outside the event.


3 000 copies supplied by the sponsor and subjects to approvcal by the organizer

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Official brochure

Official Brochure

€ 1 500 exc. Tax

  • Your logo* on the map show

€ 2 000 exc. Tax

  • Your advertising page on the 4th cover ** (half page) Exclusivity

€ 650 exc. Tax

  • Your advertisement*** next to the conference programme (1/4 page)

For 2 advertisers only

€ 2 000€ exc. Tax

  • Your advertisement*** next to the conference programme (demi page) Exclusivity

€ 131 exc. Tax

  • Your company name in bold and red in the exhibitor list 

For 2 advertisers only

Ideal tool to help visitors find their way around your stand (free distribution) 

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Gala evening sponsorship

Sponsoring of the Siec Gala evening  

€10 000 exc.Tax

  • Your logo* on the pages dedicated to the event on the Siec website**  
  • Your logo* on the Gala Evening place

The Gala Diner is the place to be for executives and top managers of the sector. Ideal to convey your brand image and invite your partners and privileged customers in an exceptional place

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