In 2023, Retail is back was the main theme of the event and the conferences.
Below is the programme of conferences given by experts in the sector, who will discuss the challenges facing real estate, as well as trends and innovations in the sector.

Tuesday 19 September 

10.15 - 10.45: Keynote ADP - Extime, a new airport retail and hospitality brand

Moderator : Chris IGWE, CEO, Chris Igwe International

  • Mathieu DAUBERT, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO),  ADP Group

11.00 - 11.30: Keynote Omnichannel retail transformation and evolution of strategies: IKEA’s winning formula

  • Emma RECCO, General Manager /Strategy / Development IKEA FRANCE

12.30 - 13.15 : Retail is back! - Round table
Overview of the retail market (world, Europe, France). Sectoral dynamics over 10/15 years and major trends and what prospects?

Moderator : Chris IGWE, CEO, Chris Igwe International

  • Patrick DELCOL, Head of European Coverage Retail Logistics Hotels, BNP Paribas Real Estate
  • Eric RAVOIRE, CEO, Galimmo
  • Guénaëlle GAULT, Managing Director, Obsoco 


14.15 - 14.45: Keynote - RETAIL store is the new MEDIA & POWER EXPERIENCE for GENZ

  • Alexis DE PRÉVOISIN, Retail & Brand Manager expert, Independent Consultant France & Switzerland
  • Ariel WIZMAN, CEO France Miniso in charge of communications and retail


15.00 - 15.45: Changing consumer trends : the winning strategies of retailers - Round table

Changing consumer habits: which brands are coming out on top? What are the keys to standing out from the crowd and meeting new consumer expectations?

Moderator : Chris IGWE, CEO, Chris Igwe International

  • Laure MAUMUS, Senior Consultant Business Development, White Space Partners
  • Emilie ZENG and Vincent PERCHEY, co-founders of Bélier Blanc


16.00 - 16.45: CSR at the heart of retail chains' strategies - Round Table

Presentation of the 2023 edition of the Observatory of Responsible Retail (Observatoire de la Distribution Responsable), by the French Retail Federation (FCD). What are retailers' CSR priorities ?

  • Jacques CREYSSEL General Delegate, Fédération du Commerce et de la Distribution (FCD)
  • Baptiste BANNIER Partner PwC France, Head of Industry Agri-Agro & Cooperatives
  • Béatrice JAVARY, CSR Director, Auchan Retail France
  • Melek FIGUET, Director of CSR, Public Affairs & Communications for Enseignes Casino 
  • Kathia Alem, Construction Project Manager, U Enseigne


17.00 - 17.45: Commercial real estate: is it time to invest? - Round table

Moderator : Chris IGWE, CEO, Chris Igwe International

  • Sandra LUDWIG, Head of Retail Capital Markets EMEA, JLL
  • Jean Sébastien GRELLET-AUMONT, Sebban Group
  • Christian DE KERANGAL, CEO, IEIF


18.00: Presentation of the Academy of Commercial Sciences Trophies (by invitation)

For this 3rd edition, the jury, made up of ten members of the Academy, is awarding 4 Television Prizes designed to reward the best documentaries and magazines dealing with marketing and commercial issues: The Presidents' Prize / The Grand Jury Prize / The Coup de Coeur Prize / The Student Prize. Rendez-vous at the Siec on Tuesday 19 September from 6pm!
More information on the Academy of Commercial Sciences Trophies



Wednesday 20th September

10.00 - 13.00: CMCV Congress (Club des Managers de Centre-Ville)

Success of retail support programmes for city centres and territories: real progress but still potential avenues for action!

Animation: Christophe BARASTON – General Delegate of the CMCV 
Grand witness 2023:
Mrs. Marie-Claude JARROT; President of CEREMA / Mayor of Montceau-les-Mines

10.00: Opening

  • Marie CHEVAL, President of the Federation of Trade Actors in the Territories or Christophe NOËL General Delegate 
  • Robert MARTIN, President of the CMCV

10.10 - 10.30: CMCV news / Presentation of the new CMCV Board and Bureau / New lines of thought and development / Projects

  • Christophe BARASTON, General Delegate of the CMCV 
  • Myriam TRABELSI, Deputy President of the CMCV

10.30 - 11.30: T.R. 1: What are the consequences for city centers of current restructuring in major retail brands? Threats or opportunities

  • Myriam TRABELSI, Deputy President of the CMCV
  •  David MOULIN Director of Development, Franchise and Real Estate at Monoprix
  • Bruno FILIPPI, Real Estate Development Director, Immo Mousquetaires
  • Thibault LE CARPENTIER, Member of the Academy of Commercial Sciences

11.30 - 12.15: T.R. 2: Review of the Elan Law and recent legislative texts. New proposals

  • Thibault LE CARPENTIER, Member of the Academy of Commercial Sciences
  • Philippe MALET, Elected Commerce Representative for the City of Montargis, trader
  • Magali BONNIER, Director of Dev’Expert 

12.15 - 13.00: T.R. 3: City-centre real estate companies: mixed results or real response to current regional challenges? What conclusions can be drawn from the ACV plan on commercial vacancy in town centres? FACT / CODATA study 

  • Murielle BOURREAU, Regional Councilor for the Ile de France Region, Special delegate for crafts, local shops and gastronomy
  • Magali BONNIER, Director of Dev'Expert
  • Arnaud ROZÉ, President of Bradford Asset Management
  • Christophe NOËL, General Delegate of FACT
  • Bertrand DOSSEUR, Deputy Managing Director of CODATA 

13.00: End of the Congress / Buffet


Trade in the regions, exemplary collaborations 

14.15 - 15.00: The territorial strategies of strong developing brands - Round table

Moderator : Chris IGWE, CEO, Chris Igwe International

  • Florian DIAZ DE BEGAR, International Expansion Strategy Manager, Basic Fit
  • Christian DUBOIS, Head of Retail Services France, Cushman & Wakefield Rafik Derichi, Expansion Manager, Normal France
  • Rafik DERICHI, Expansion Manager, Normal France
  • David MOULIN, Director of Development, Franchise and Real Estate, Monoprix


15.10 - 15.55: Committed vision of local elected officials of commerce and public authorities - Round table

Moderator : Philippe MANDONNET, Founder ELGAM Conseil and Capall

  • Thierry MANDON, President, Conseil National du Commerce (CNC) / National Retail Council
  • Dominique BAILLY, Mayor of Vaujours city, Vice-Chairman of Grand Paris-Grand Est and the Association of "Maires d'Île-de-France"
  • Myriam TRABELSI, President Delegate for the CMCV (Club des Manageurs du Centre Ville)
  • Michaël DELAFOSSE, Mayor of Montpellier, Chairman of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole


16.05 - 16.50: The reconquest of city centres by retailers - Round table

Moderator : Chris IGWE, CEO, Chris Igwe International

  • Philippe CHAUMAIS, Head of Real Estate & Development Group, Maisons du Monde
  • Laurent BONNET, Director of Real Estate and Expansion MRICS
  • Dilek KOSEOGLU, entrepreneur and consultant, Founder of KOS EVENT company (cosmetics and beauty distributor), STORY BROOK (French concept store of products from all over the world for beauty addicts) and JENNY SMALL (coffee shop concept store)


17.00 - 17.45:  Conclusions and presentation of the Fédération des Acteurs du Commerce dans les Territoires (FACT) awards 

The "Fédération des Acteurs du Commerce dans les Territoires"  is organising an awards ceremony for retail property projects, initiatives by retail space managers and local authority projects under the Action cœur de ville programme!

  • Creation or extension/renovation of a retail or multifunctional space category
    • Trophy for the creation of a retail space
    • Trophy for Renovation/Extension of a Commercial Space
    • Trophy for a multifunctional project 
  • Local CSR and Marketing Initiatives Category
    • Local CSR Initiative Trophy
    • Local Marketing Initiative Trophy 
  • Action Cœur de Ville - FACT category
    • Award for the development of a public space contributing to the commercial attractiveness of a town ACV
    • Award for the redevelopment of a building or derelict site that contributes to the commercial appeal of a town ACV

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