This year, Siec is resolutely focused on transforming its ecosystem in line with its consumer expectations. The initiatives to develop around the crucial theme of the green economy are multiplying, forcing commercial sites to constantly adapt and reinvent themselves permanently.
This approach also applies to the show, which is committed to organizing a more responsible event. Siec encourages its exhibitors and visitors to be agents of change by adopting more ecological practices during their participation. Here's an overview of the actions taken to optimize the eco-conception of the show, support the circular economy, reduce our carbon footprint and sensitize participants to act more responsibly.

Reduce waste and aim for 0 net carbon

  • In the pavilion 6
    • On-site sorting center
    • Provision of water fountains in washrooms 
    • Reduced or removal of heating depending on weather conditions 
    • Pavilion 6: BREEAM Bespoke site, Effernergie label+ and HQE  
    • Certified green origin electricity supply 
    • Soft mobility encouraged by public transport
    • 18 charging stations for electric cars 

  • On the salon 
    • Removal of aisle carpet, saving 4,800m² of waste 
    • Reduction or removal of heating, depending on the weather
    • Reduction of printed material and/or dematerialization
    • Use and revaluation of recycled paper and cardboard supports
    • (pass, pass holders, printed documents...)
    • Use of reusable stands and eco-responsible materials for the various areas
    • -20% reduction of signage compared to the previous edition

Have a positive impact 

  • In the pavilion 6 
    • PRM-accessible site (67 parking spaces, guide dogs  
      authorized, wheelchair loan...)
    • Cleaning service provider committed to an integration approach

  • On the salon 
    • Organization of conferences about CSR:  the rise of the second-hand market, transformations of commercial sites 

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