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FACT is continuing the transformation that began with its name change in September 2022: from representatives of the shopping center industry, we have become the voice of commercial real estate in general, and of lessors in particular. The SIEC's broadening of its audience is a case in point: we're looking to bring more representatives of local authorities and town-centre landlords to the show, as illustrated by the FACT / Action Cœur de Ville awards in partnership with the ANCT, and the CMCV (Club des Managers de Centre-Ville) congress, which will be held at the show on May 23.  

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After the “Green Industry” law in 2023, which includes a far-reaching reform of a town-planning tool known as the “Projet Partenarial d'Aménagement”, aimed at facilitating the realization of mixed-use projects on land that has already been developed, our industry is looking forward with great interest to the future Simplification Law promised by the government, to go further and faster to enable the transformation of the city.

After many long years, during which project developers have seen an accumulation of legal and regulatory obstacles, at the risk of freezing commerce and, more generally, the city and its outskirts in their current form, which can certainly be improved upon, it seems that the public authorities have at last become aware of the imperative simplification needed to rethink the way in which the city of tomorrow will be built: more mixed, denser, and of course more sustainable and less land-consuming.

“Commercial Sites TransformationS” is the theme chosen for the 24th edition of Siec: how does this translate within your federation?

FACT's role is to support its members, mainly managers and owners of commercial sites, in the challenges of transforming their assets, and to make their voices heard by decision-makers and legislators. Which just goes to show how much the SIEC theme echoes our day-to-day concerns! How can we better accommodate mixed uses and functions? How can we respond to changing consumption patterns and the imperatives dictated by environmental challenges? How can we ensure that environmental regulations are not just coercive, but also incentive-based? These are just some of the issues that will keep FACT members and our modest team busy for many years to come!