Review of real estate sites in 2023: a dynamic frequentation and a good resistence of consumption and sales
Balance for commercial sites in 2023

Good trend in footfall at retail sites in 2023:

  • City centres: +11.2%
  • Out-of-town shopping areas: +5.7%
  • Shopping centres: +1.9%
    (7 million visitors / day)

Outperformance of shopping centres in terms of sales in 2023:

  • +3.3% vs +2.2% for retail in France, excluding the automotive sector.

Retail consumption has grown in France since 2019:

  • +15% in value, and +5% in volume
  • +2,000€ per household
  • Significant sectoral variations: from restaurants (+31%) to personal goods (+0%)

No decline in employment in the retail sector, despite difficulties in the sector:

  • +21k jobs between 3T 2022 and 3T 2023

The challenges for real estate commerce in 2024:

  • Continuing and facilitating the transformation of retail sites to enable them to adapt to changes in consumption, both at site and city level.
  • Continue the simplification of town planning procedures initiated with the reform of the PPA / GOU.
  • Pursue the ecological and energy transformation successfully initiated on commercial sites. Encouraging, not just constraining: inviting dialogue on the application of environmental regulations.


Presentation of the 2023 results and 2024 prospects for retail sites by the Fédération des Acteurs du Commerce dans les Territoires in partnership with SAD Marketing, Mytraffic and Quantaflow.